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MT2 was also finished and some much smaller scaled Auto-jumbles returned for a short period at this time the Aviation & Militaria Fairs were being staged in the local Civic Hall but were curtailed as they were not supported, due to location.  We were then asked to vacate the huge workshop at the rear of Hangar 1 (B 18) that housed all of our remaining large equipment and exhibits.  Another downsizing operation which although extremely stressful, we were getting quite good at doing.

A couple of years later mains water and electricity had to be brought to the MT Sheds across from main supply in Hut 27 (B 27), as the hangar supply was deemed very unsafe. Two new sheds were built and an outside hospitality cabin (Oasis) refurbishment is ongoing. A vehicle exhibition area established. Future projects were, a new gate and pathway areas to be established in the MT yard

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