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The year 1991 saw the appointment of a Project Manager, Christine Thomas, who remained in the post until 2000.  With the help of CWTEC and Vauxhall Motors, she attended various talks and courses so Health & Safety procedures could be put in place.  Then a trickle of numerous volunteers with a variety of trades were recruited to clear the site of all types of car manufacturing debris. Which then allowed them to put the extraordinary history of Hooton Park on display to be enjoyed by the public.
Following on, a café was established in the corner of the Hangar in the workshop area which allowed access to the public through the workshop area. The toilet block was reinstated after a deep clean and two offices were converted into a Ladies restroom.  
Hangar 2.  The past of this historic site was put on display. Backed up by various events, organised by The Griffin Trust and outside bodies.  The public travelled far and wide to attend various events such as auto-jumbles, Aero Enthusiasts collector’s fairs, Lorry Runs, Classic Motorcycle events, Lombard 
RAC Wales Rally scrutinising and industrial training seminars as well as monthly Sunday guided tours were being held on this vibrant site.  

A successful application to the local council granted the project its own postal address.  Hangar Two was kept in good repair and Huts 27 and 28 were totally restored by the volunteers.

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