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In 1988 a further show was arranged. The main attraction was two Harrier Jump
Jets that were the first aircraft to land on the airfield for 30 years, they performed an aerial flying display and landed on the spectator field which wowed the crowd.
A surprise visit from the Vice President of G.M. America, Mr Edd Cazpore, cemented Vauxhall support for the event.  It also set the scene and every year from then on dignitaries and sponsors, which included high ranking Vauxhall officials, Local Council and Army personnel were invited and attended.  Proceeds from all these events were donated to The Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force Appeal.  In recognition of this show, organiser David and his wife Muriel were invited to the Queen’s Garden party.
With the success of these shows it soon became apparent that a larger base for operations was needed, preferably with storage and perhaps a small transport museum.  Once again David went ‘cap in hand’ to Vauxhall Motors and asked for part of the hangar complex vacated by Vauxhall some years previously.  Fortunately, Vauxhall had faith in the show committee and agreed to open negotiations to lease the site.  

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